Free software from _lognostics

_lognostics produces a range of software tools for vocabulary acquisition researchers. All the programs on this page are on-going research tools, and should be treated with appropriate caution. The software is freely available, without charge, in exchange for critical assessments of how the software performs. We welcome your feedback and comments.

Most of the programs run directly over the Internet. You can run these programs by clicking on the blue RUN button. These programs do not need to be downloaded.

The remaining programs are designed to run on Windows computers, and are supplied in the form of .zip files. You can download these files by clicking on the yellow DOWNLOAD buttons. You should download the files you need onto your computer and unzip them into a directory called c:\lognostics\xxxx - where xxxx is the name of the program (e.g. c:\lognostics\X_Lex). The zip files contain manuals which describe how to use the programs in more detail. These programs are gradually being replaced by web-based programs.

Some of the programs listed below are discussed at length in PM Meara and I Miralpeix Tools for Researching Vocabulary Bristol: Multilingual Matters. 2016. You can download short manuals for each program by clicking on the red MAN buttons.

The LLAMA tests: a suite of language aptitude tests

v3.00 last update 05.04.2020

VocNet Workshop: a set of programs for exploring vocabulary networks

v0.030 last update 20.10.23

D_Tools: a program that evaluates D for small texts

v2.00 last update 01.07.15

Lex30: a test of productive vocabulary

v4.00 last update 01.07.15

Mezzofanti: a vocabulary acquisition simulator

v1.00 last update 10.12.15

P_Lex: a program for evaluating the vocabulary used in short texts

v3.00 last update 11.11.15

Q_Lex4: a program that tests your ability to recognise a set of high frequency English words

v4.00 last update 10.12.15

SigSorter a program that sorts and counts LexSig data files

v1.00 last update 12.11.15

V_Capture: a program to carry out a Capture/Recapture analysis on two word lists

v1.00 last update 15.09.15

V_LexSig v1.0: a program that checks for the presence or absence of key words in a text

v1.00 last update 15.09.15

V_Lists: a small utility program that processes word lists

v1.00 last update 05.11.15

V_Unique: a program that tests lexical originality

v1.00 last update 09.11.15

V_Words: a small utlity program that produces type and token counts for short texts

v2.00 last update 04.11.15

V_YesNo: a Yes/No vocabulary test for English

v1.01 last update 18.11.15


The LLAMA_B vocabulary learning program has been relocated to the new LLAMA page.

LLAMA: The Swansea Language Aptitude Tests
V_Quint v1.0: an alternative assessment of vocabulary depth.
Y_Lex v2.05: a 5-10k vocabulary size test.

Programs that are no longer supported

X_Lex v2.05, Lex30 v3.00, D_Tools v2.0


Coming shortly

V_Schnabel, V_States

The small print
You use the software on this page at your own risk. Lognostics does not accept any liability arising from the use or misuse of this software.

Please note that the downloadable programs are all designed to run under older Windows operating systems, and we don't support other platforms. Most of the programs will run under Windows98, Windows2000 and WindowsXP, but we don't have extensive testing facilities, so if you are using a more recent Windows system, the programs may not work. We are gradually replacing all the downloadable programs with web-based programs that do not need to be downloaded.

We will respond to any reasonable requests for technical help but please bear in mind that our resources are finite, and we may not be able to respond immediately.