Vocabulary Networks: A Workshop
Paul Meara and Imma Miralpeix

Welcome to the Vocabulary Networks Workshop.

On this page, you will find links to a series of papers first published in Vocabulary Learning and Instruction.
All the papers published so far are listed below, and the list will be updated as new papers appear.

Workshop 1: Introduction VLI 11,2(2022), 17-34.
Workshop 2: Activating Words in a Network VLI 11,2(2022), 35-52.
Workshop 3: Activating Words in a Network (II) VLI 12,2(2023), 50-66.
Workshop 4: Activating a vocabulary (III).
Workshop 5: Attrition in a vocabulary network. in prep.
This link will take you to the program page where you can experiment with a set of programs that simulate some simple features of vocabulary networks.
  Future workshops will look at short term attrition, growing vocabulary networks from scratch, multingual networks, interactions between independent networks, and networks that shape themselves.

Comments on these workshops and suggestions for further workshop topics are welcome. You can contact us at p.m.meara@gmail.com.

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