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These pages contain a small collection of papers which have been produced by the Vocabulary Acquisition Research Group at Swansea University.
The collection mostly contains older papers and papers which have appeared in out of the way places, making them difficult to get hold of. The collection also contains a number of discussion papers which have not yet appeared in print.
Comments on these papers are welcome. Please let us know if there are other papers that you would like to see in this collection.

D Green and PM Meara
CALL and vocabulary teaching. Computer Assisted Language Learning 8,2-3(1995), 91-101.
A Ife, G Vives Boix and PM Meara
The impact of study abroad on the vocabulary development of different proficiency groups. Spanish Applied Linguistics 4,1(2000), 55-84.
PM Meara
Schizophrenic symptoms in foreign language learners. UEA Papers in Linguistics 7(1978), 22-49.
PM Meara
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Matrix models of vocabulary acquisition. AILA Review 6(1989). 66-74.
PM Meara
A note on passive vocabulary. Second Language Research 6,2(1990), 150-154.
PM Meara
Some notes on the Eurocentres Vocabulary Tests. In: J Tommola (ed.) Foreign Language Comprehension and Production. Turku: AFinLA Yearbook. 1990. 103-113.
PM Meara
EFL Vocabulary Tests Swansea: Lognostics. 1992. (Second edition 2010)
PM Meara
Tintin and the World Service: a look at lexical environments. The 1993 Hornby Trust Lecture.
PM Meara
The complexities of simple vocabulary tests. In: FG Brinkman, JA van der Schee and MC Schouten-van Parreren (Eds.) Curriculum research: different disciplines and common goals. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit. 1994. 15-28.
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The importance of early emphasis on L2 vocabulary. The Language Teacher 19,2(1995), 8-11.
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PM Meara
The classical research in vocabulary acquisition. In: G Anderman and M Rogers (eds.) Words, words, words. Multilingual Matters: Clevedon, Avon. 1996.
PM Meara
Simulating recovery from bilingual aphasia. International Journal of Bilingualism, 3,1(1996), 45-54.
PM Meara
The mathematics of vocabularies. In: M Gill, A Johnson, L Koski, R Sell and B Wårvik (eds.) Language, Learning , Literature: Studies presented to Håkan Ringbom. Åbo: Åbo Akademi. 2001. 151-166.
PM Meara
Simulating word associations in an L2: the effects of structural complexity. Language Forum 33,2(2007), 13-31.
PM Meara and H Bell
P_Lex: a simple and effective way of describing the lexical characteristics of short L2 texts. Prospect 16,3(2001), 5-19.
PM Meara, G Jacobs and C Rodgers
Lexical signatures in foreign language free-form texts. ITL Review of Applied Linguistics 135-136(2002), 1-12.
PM Meara and G Jones
Vocabulary size as a placement indicator. In: P Grunwell (Ed.) Applied Linguistics in Society. London: CILT. 1988. 80-87.
PM Meara, PM Lightbown and RH Halter
Classrooms as lexical environments. Language Teaching Research 1,1(1997), 28-47.
PM Meara and I Rodríguez Sánchez
A methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of vocabulary treatments. In: M Bax, and J-W Zwart (Eds.) Reflections on Language and Language Learning. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 2001. 267-278.
G Vives Boix and PM Meara
Word associations in Spanish. Vida Hispánica 10(1994), 12-22.
PM Meara and B Wolter
V_Links: Beyond Vocabulary Depth. Angles on the English Speaking World 4(2004),85-97.
PM Meara
Learning words in an L1 and an L2. 1987.
J Shillaw
The application of Rasch modelling to YES/NO vocabulary tests. 1996.
PM Meara
The Vocabulary Knowledge Framework. 1996.
A Ryan and PM Meara
A diagnostic test for 'vowel blindness' in Arabic speaking learners of English. 1996.
T Fitzpatrick, I Al-Qarni and PM Meara
Intensive Vocabulary Learning: a case study. 2008.
PM Meara and JC Olmos Alcoy
Words as species. 2008.
PM Meara
Lexical Loadings in ULEAC English Language Examinations. 2008.

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