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The LLAMA Language Aptitude Tests

The Llama programs replace the Lat03 suite of programs.
The Llama tests are an ongoing demonstrator project that we use to teach research skills to undergraduates. The result is a set of innovative, and slightly-off-the-wall tests which we think might be used to assess language aptitude. In terms of theory, the current suite is largely based on the MLAT tests, but the formats have been radically adapted to a more snazzy presentation style.
The Llama tests are very experimental, and should be handled with extreme caution. Although they are user-friendly, and quick to use, they have not been extensively standardised, and should NOT be considered a replacement for MLAT in high-stakes situations.
The tests have now been redesigned so that you can download individual tests, instead of the entire suite. This makes the programs more manageable: all the files you need are included in a single download for each subtest.
Four sub-tests are currently available:
Llama_B a vocabulary learning task
Llama_D a test of phonetic memory
Llama_E a test of sound-symbol correspondence
Llama_F a test of grammatical inferencing
The manual file includes instructions for downloading the tests, and and directioons for how to use each individual subtest.

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