Useful Vocabulary Resources

Some other vocabulary resource sites

  Other researchers' web sites

  Tom Cobb's Compleat Lexical Tutor Tess Fitzpatrick's home page
  Birgit Henriksen's home page Jan Hulstijn's Home Page
  Batia Laufer's Home Page Paul Nation's Home Page
  John Read's Home Page Norbert Schmitt's Home Page
  David Singleton's Home Page Brent Wolter's Home Page
  Rosa Jimenez Catalan's Home Page  

  Some useful research tools

  The Academic Word List on-line The Edinburgh Associative Thesaurus
  The Cognate Linguistic Project English Profile
  The MRC Psycholinguistic Database WordNet
  Word Wanderer Voyant-Tools
  Lancaster New-GSL Dispolex
  The IRIS repository AntConc Homepage