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This site is an up-to-date bibliographical source covering work in the area of vocabulary acquisition in a second language. It is maintained by Paul Meara and the Vocabulary Acquisition Research Group at Swansea University. We are glad to hear from people whose work we have overlooked, especially if you can send us a copy of your work. If your work isn't in this list, it's because we don't know about it.

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The VARGA search engine works best if you enter single words.
e.g. tests will give you better results than tests of vocabulary size and oral will return more results than oral methods of teaching vocabulary. Some names don't work well with the search engine. For example, Nation or Ng will return a set of entries which is a lot larger than you might expect.

Unfortunately, for reasons of copyright, we cannot supply copies of all the papers listed here. You will however find a small selection in the _lognostics virtual library.

We have changed the format of the VARGA searches, so that the results that get displayed now include a brief abstract for each work found. For obvious reasons, we don't have abstracts for work that is difficult to get hold of, and the coverage of very recent work is not so good as the coverage of earlier work. If you would like to help with our abstracting work, please contact us.

We have discontinued the separate chronological bibliographies. You can now get a listing for a particular year by entering a date in the search box. e.g. if you enter 1990 in the search box, then you will get a list of everything that appeared in that year.

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