The LLAMA tests

This page contains web versions of the LLAMA language aptitude tests.

LLAMA_B: a vocabulary focussed language aptitude test

v2.00 last update 10.12.15

LLAMA_D: listening

in preparation

LLAMA_E: sounds and symbols

v3.00 last update 19.05.19

LLAMA_F: inferring grammatical rules

in preparation

FAQs and Updates

last update: 19.05.19

Research Notes

last update: 19.05.19


The small print
The LLAMA tests are freely available for bona fide researchers, in exchange for comments on how well they work.
The tests are work in progress, and should NOT be used in high stakes situations.
You use the software on this page at your own risk. Lognostics does not accept any liability arising from the use or misuse of this software.

Please cite the tests as:
PM Meara. The LLAMA Tests v3. Test Name+Test Version. Cardiff: Lognostics. 2019.

Check out the FAQs and Updates pages if you run into a problem. We will respond to any reasonable requests for technical help but please bear in mind that our resources are finite, and we may not be able to respond immediately.

Current users of the LLAMA tests should note that we will be discontinuing support for the earlier versions of the LLAMA tests as from Jan 1st 2020.

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